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Individual Counseling

Successfully address low self-esteem, guilt, anger, shame, depression, grief, loss, workplace conflict, anxiety, stress, drug/ alcohol/gambling addictions, and financial crisis. We offer supportive counseling for victims of sexual and/or domestic violence or have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection. You can also request mediation to address personal conflicts with friends, family, or colleagues.

Sports Counseling


We offer an integrated approach for current and former athletes to include:

  • time/stress management
  • academic requirements for college
  • healthy boundaries
  • physical/mental health
  • nutrition
  • alcohol/drug abuse
  • transition/life after sport(s).

Forensic Evaluations

actualities limited is contracted with Alliance Health to provide court-ordered forensic evaluations to determine a defendant's capacity to stand trial. A Motion and Order Appointing a Local Forensic Evaluator must be signed by a Judgein order for us to complete the evaluation. Please note: We do NOT perform child abuse and neglect evaluations.

Attorneys should email the Motion and Order to or fax it to 9194036900. Please include the defendant's location and contact information (telephone number), along with the court date. Failure to follow this process can delay the completion of the evaluation.

Clinical Supervision

Ms. Daniels offers clinical supervision for persons pursuing credentials through the NC Social Work Certification and Licensure Board, NC Board of Licensed Professional Counselors, and the NC Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board. Additionally, she offers unpaid internships for persons needing hours towards certification, licensure, or a degree.

Couples Counseling

We counsel dating couples and offer premarital counseling for couples considering marriage. We address blended families, marital discord, and navigate sensitive conversations about separation and divorce. We also address intimacy challenges couples may encounter over the life of their marriage.

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