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Thank you for choosing actualities limited where we blend spirituality and counseling services.

actualities limited was incorporated February 1, 2002. Company founder and CEO Anita Daniels chose the name to encourage persons seeking counseling to be real with themselves and others about who they are - - their strengths, limitations, desires, and fears. The definition of actuality is, 'the state of being real, actual.' No games. No masks. No facades. No excuses. As Ms. Daniels says often, #norolloverminutesinlife!

actualities limited is for people who are committed to self-examination. Ms. Daniels often refers to a statement her dear friend, Reverend T. Mel Williams said to her: "Everyone needs a life coach." Do you need a coach? If so, we can help.

Wherever you are on your journey, you will find therapists at actualities limited who are committed to helping you reach your personal, professional, athletic, and/or spiritual goals. If you are ready to tackle the challenges or choices that may be blocking your progress - - to see your true self up close and personal, actualities limited is right for you. And NOW is the perfect time for you to get started.

We are UNABLE to take new clients before August 1, 2022.  This does NOT apply to Forensic Evaluations.  Please send an email with the Motion and Order to:  Thank you!

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